Photo Guidelines

To help us ensure the best quality of output for your photos, please follow the below guidelines when submitting your photo. 

-Currently we support photo uploads of 10MB  per image or less in the following photo formats: .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png. 

-If you are ever having trouble uploading an image, or if you have not yet taken your photo, you may email the photo to after your purchase. Please include your name and order number when sending the photo(s) via email. If your photo is too large to upload or email or you have any other issues, please contact me and and we will provide an alternative way to send the photo.

-If you would like us to change your photo to black and white, please note this in the wording text block.

-When shooting your photo, make sure all subjects are well-lit. Natural light is your best option if it's available. 

-Image resolution is measured in what's known as PPI (pixels per inch).  A 300 PPI image will have the best print results. We are not responsible for poor quality printing of a low resolution photo.

-If you are sending a professional photo, please make sure you have appropriate approval to print the photo.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact me at